a World first, World Class therapy operating across Australia.

Immersion Therapy™ is becoming recognised across Australia and Internationally as a world first way in which people with injury or disability can have access to movement and benefits like never before. The Immersion Therapy™ service was specially developed to offer freedom of movement within a weightless environment and work within the well-recognised benefits of a Biopsychosocial model. It has demonstrated great results for those who have participated and won the 2016 National Disability Awards in Canberra for Excellence in Inclusive Service Delivery. These awards are internationally recognised as part of the United Nations International Day of People with Disability.
Immersion Therapy was founded by Peter Wilson, with the first provider Determined2 in Adelaide. Forged by his own experience overcoming injury, and driven by his desire to champion innovation and inclusion. Immersion Therapy has gone from strength to strength and the support of government and media organisations has been overwhelming. Although, the most important thing are the smiling faces of the countless Aussies who have drastically benefited from Immersion Therapy.  Our service is defined by our person-centred approach and dedication to the individual. Immersion Therapy is a journey beyond boundaries.
Note:  It is important to note that Immersion Therapy is in no way shape or form, lessons in Scuba diving. We do not teach or certify open water diving. Immersion Therapy is not SCUBA diving. Our clients: Our service has been accessed by a wide group of individuals and the specific benefits are not limited to any one type of conditions. Immersion Therapy™ has had positive results for children and adults living with physical and intellectual disabilities, people with injuries varying from mild to severe and those living with serious medical conditions.

The Whole Philosophy

The whole philosophy behind Immersion Therapy™, is exploring the benefits “with” the client and being open to new and exciting opportunities as they present. This approach has led to countless inspirational success stories and incredible results.

 To date we have worked with people living with, but not limited to:


  • Complete and in-complete spinal cord injuries from L1-C4
  • Single and multiple amputations
  • Neurological conditions such as Cerebral Palsy level 1-4 and Neuro Paraplegia
  • Autism high and low functioning
  • PTSD, Anxiety and Depression
  • Dwarfism
  • Post-surgery recovery Shoulders, Knees
  • Back aches and sprains

Immersion Therapy is currently rolling out across Australia

We are expanding across Australia and there are licence opportunities available for the right candidates

Whether you would like to become a provider or find the nearest Immersion Therapy service to you, please get in touch: Just leave your details on our Contact Page and have one of the team get back to you.

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